Nokia Refocus-New Photo Application for Nokia Lumia

With the Nokia Nokia Lumia to Refocus, you can move the focus in an image, after the one taken.

Nokia has published yet another new photo app for Nokia Lumia, which makes it possible to move the focus of a picture after it is taken.

The system works by the application takes up a series of five images, where the focus is placed differently on each image.

In after the treatment it is possible to press various spots on the image, to change the focus, make the entire image sharp or add color-pop-effect, in which a particular subject are highlighted in color, while the rest of the image becomes black and white.

Nokia Refocus should be compatible with all Lumia-moddeller from 920 and upwards. At the time of writing is Nokia Rafocus not finding in the Danish Windows Store, but it supports Danish and can be found via the U.S. Windows Phone Large.