No Firefox for Windows Mobile 7

The Mozilla Foundation announced the end of the line for the development of a version of the browser Firefox specific to Windows Mobile 7. The decision came after Microsoft announced that it will not allow programs made ​​by third parties to run natively on their new operating system mobile.

Although we believe that Windows Phone 7 looks interesting and has the potential to capture the market, Microsoft has unfortunately decided to ban native applications on OS. Because of this, it will not throw a development kit and will not grant to make a Firefox for him, “wrote Stuart Parmenter, director of Mobile Division of Fox company.”While I hope Microsoft review its position and give us subsidies to develop Firefox for Windows Phone 7, we continue to focus on things we can control, how to make an excellent final version of our program for Android and Maemo,” he added .

But as every rule has an exception, Microsoft quietly released a single company to native programs for the Mobile 7. According to the website Zdnet, the Adobe was authorized by the Redmond company to make a version of Flash for the new operating system, looking there a way to snipe at Apple, which does not accept the format for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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