Nintendo Officially His First Games for Smartphones: Will Be Miitomo (Unfortunately)

There was a long wait these days for the announcement from Nintendo for the first mobile game. After the many rumors of summer and some information trips in September, we woke up this morning hoping to find one of the awesome Nintendo titles for our smartphones and tablets.

Unfortunately that is not. The first Nintendo game for mobile will be called and will be inspired by the Mii characters with whom we can create an avatar and interact. A very Asian market oriented that hardly will appeal to older players from the cartridge. You mention however of a publication in 2016 because Nintendo wants to advertise its entry into the mobile sector prior to the launch of Miitomo.

The publication of the title will take place thanks to DeNA although all games that will be implemented will be developed exclusively by Nintendo. The title will be free but will have in-app purchases even though this formula does not seem to be that Nintendo will push over the next few years.

The company has stated that during the 2016 games will be carried out and subsequently, surcharge and therefore without in-app purchases but that can be purchased for a one time and who will be side by side free content and mini games always in the main store mobile. In order to allow a continuous gameplay across platforms and devices, Nintendo will launch a Cloud system that will allow you to save and transfer all the progress made both between smartphones and tablets, both mobile and console titles. Simply create a Nintendo Accountusing the ID Nintendo or the main social.

All in all, Super Mario, Zelda and the legendary Nintendo characters there is still time … and we will wait!