“Nice Upgrade” with Battery Weakness

Apple has issued first testers of the new iPhone 3 G to selected U.S. journalists. Today released first criticisms mostly lauded the iPhone, there are also critical remarks.

So, the US experts complain that the battery of the UMTS model empties faster than the first iPhone. This known problem is exacerbated in the case of the iPhone as a result that the battery can be replaced not just because he is sealed inside. Also the linkage to the network operator AT & T is criticized – among other things, because the provider in many U.S. States can provide no UMTS coverage. US customers must complete a two-year contract instantly with the purchase of the iPhone 3 G with AT & T.

Flash, Windows Media video, and Java, as well as an external memory card slot available on the wish list of critics for the next iPhone also the integration of Internet technologies such as Adobe.

More important is the new firmware?
“If you already have an iPhone and thus usually surf the Internet via WLAN, you should wait with the purchase of the new model”, recommends Walt Mossberg, tester of the Wall Street Journal. “Get the new software first and then decide if is worth the new hardware for you.” Not only the iPhone 3 G will be delivered next Friday, also the iPhone firmware 2.0 is available then after information from Apple.

For Edward C. Baig of USA today, waiting for the new iPhone has paid off: “It is cheaper, faster and can be used for better business.” Business users benefit from the iPhone 3 g that the device according to Apple is fully compatible with Microsoft’s popular Exchange and ActiveSync services. Baig also praised the newly integrated GPS navigation: “You worked very closely, as I was traveling by car and was looking for a pizzeria.” The new feature make sure that the device is in the segment of smartphones for average consumers is unrivalled.

Referred to as “nice upgrade” David Pogue, columnist of the New York Times, the iPhone 3 g. He praises inter alia improved voice quality during a call. The UMTS model is but not so good that the predecessor is now completely obsolete. The most important innovation already constitute not the phone, but the new software in conjunction with the Apple app store. It looks like Walt Mossberg: “Since it is now open for third-party programs, a true mobile computer can be the iPhone.”