Nexus 4 and Nexus 10

A few months ago Google society presented its seven-inch Tablet: the Nexus 7. With her, I wanted to put a dent in the market through powerful specifications and an affordable price so that any user could do with it.

Now, the search engine company joins forces with LG and Samsung to bring us two new devices: the Nexus-10 and Nexus 4. Ready to give much to talk about, in technology you to you we explain what offer each one of them.

The new reference of Google phone nexus 4

Last year Google introduced the Galaxy Nexus. The new Android version a reference phone: Ice Cream Sandwich. Now, repeats the same story but with twice the power and as not another update to Android: in this case Jelly Bean 4.2.

Already in the Nexus 7 saw that Google wanted to break the market to those who will be released the Nexus 4 make it very appealing for those who want a smart next-generation phone. A design attractive, light, and far offering.

Nexus 10, now have a 10-inch tablet

After launching a seven-inch model, now Google also launched a focused tablet to those seeking more screen. In any case this Nexus 10 comes to replace the Nexus 7 but that he wants to be an alternative so we can choose.

They have in this case neither wanted to leave behind technical specifications this tablet has one of the most powerful processors so if we want to do everything with it and in a big-screen format this is the perfect device.

Nexus 7, the versatile tablet to always carry

Finally, we can not forget the first nexus that came out this year and served to inaugurate the version 4.1 of Android. We’re talking about, of course, of the Nexus 7, manufactured by Asus and available for more than one month in El Corte Inglés stores.

Despite its size of seven inches, inside features a next-generation quad-core processor IE, we will have power and speed to move all applications of the tablet. Not to mention the multimedia content such as movies.

If size is ideal to take with us over and although its price is quite cheap should not be fooled by that aspect: today is one of the best models that are on the market. The screen is high quality and outstanding resolution.

The autonomy of the battery gives about seven hours using it as normal. I.e., with Wi-Fi connection and switching between applications of all kinds. If you are looking for is a tablet small and with the guarantee that will always be updated, this is our choice. By the way, the version of Android 4.2 now available at allcitycodes.