New York Fashion Week: Male Catwalk

It opens the season of women’s fashion: a pure enjoyment month. For those who live and those who watch it. At New York Fashion Week there you go prepared, with the survival kit inspired by winter trend of men’s collections.
The season opens with parades of the Fashion Week in New York. Following London, Milan and Paris, to name the most important.

A whole month where combinations, colors and new details will travel km of walkways to the rhythm of trendy music tracks. Putting so would jeopardize the hierarchy of our desires and wardrobe.

A parade are the new 2015-16 winter collections, and well see recent show male, always popularity tests and testing of new trends, there are already the basis for an interesting winter.

Who goes to New York now is still a typical winter climate with snow and sharp cold wind.

Here a phantasy survival kit inspired by men’s winter 15-16 collections to keep up with a thousand happenings in the Big Apple but sheltered from safe frosts.

  1. Animal print scratch

The animal print infects every surface and fabric that is equal in front. A outerwear printed in black/white and neutral tones of one thousand (fifty) shades of gray, will give character to your outfit for 18 hours non-stop.

2. High neck sweater

The shirt this unknown. Next winter we will be enveloped by warm fibers twisted merino wool. During the fashion week, use the maxi pull turtleneck as a short dress  or combine a super mini. Add a pair of leggings and betting everything on boots Block heel. Hide under a thermal knit “base-layer” to prevent freezing.

3. Men in Black

Black will always saves. Annihilates any kind of aesthetic insecurity but do not abuse it. At shows, to be up-to-date, use the black very compact fabrics, almost rigid, technical flavor. The volumes must be dry and never lapsing into romantic.

4. The Return of the Compose

Once they used to wear two pieces, one above and one below, united by the same fantasy: the compose. The idea is to create a continuous visual effect while wearing two different leaders. Almost chameleon. Amaze the people of fashion with an outfit like that and you’ll be extra-photographed.