New Year Table Decorations to Make

New Year’s Day is near, so you can start planning the celebration of Christmas and New Year. If you want to celebrate the New Year at home, with family and friends, it is important not only beautiful to decorate the interior, but also pay special attention to the festive table setting. And although we have taken to force the entire surface of the table of salads and other holiday dishes, offer inspired ideas of how to make the original decor New Year’s table, to create a pleasant festive atmosphere.

When serving the New Year table it is important to strike a balance between all meals Location Facilities and decoration. On the beautiful pictures we often only see the festive decorations and serving, which occupy almost all the space of the table. “And where to put the food?” – You ask? Here it should be remembered that, firstly, the pictures reflect only the general idea of ​​decorating, you can wholly or partially used. Secondly, most of the ideas of decoration are borrowed from Western Europe and the USA, where the symbolism and tradition to celebrate Christmas somewhat different from our meeting of the New Year. Often there is such a variety of festive dishes, they are not put directly on the table or next to the main dining table is optional, with a meal. That is why it is possible to make out nice and bright central composition New Year’s table and lay the table according to the rules of etiquette. But remember, in all important sense of proportion and style, it is not necessary to fill up a table with toys and cones recommended by Shopareview.

New Central Composition of the Festive Table

The central element of the New Year is a festive table decoration thematic composition. Roughly speaking, these compositions can be divided into those that use natural materials primarily or predominantly different toys and ornaments.

Always look good bouquets using the gifts of nature – pine branches, cones, fresh flowers, fruit, nuts and berries. Variants of the decor – a great many, a few sprigs of pine in glasses to large-scale compositions of flowers and pine needles. Make a Christmas wreath of twigs, large lumps lay on the table, sprinkle nuts or fruit in glass dishes, place live bouquets of flowers in vases. Such compositions can decorate small Christmas decorations, streamers and beads, put candles and decorative Christmas trees.

Using only toys has its advantages as a Christmas table decoration. Firstly, there is no risk that the pine branches showering in a plate of food, and secondly, someone from the guests may interfere with an active smell of pine needles and fresh flowers on the table, and finally, decorate the table Christmas balls and figures much easier. Unleash your imagination!

Plates, Napkins and Cutlery

Even if there is no place for the center of the composition, Christmas table decoration can be done punctually, focusing on the design of the plates, cutlery and napkins. For example, you can buy Christmas themed napkin rings, or make them yourself from the branches; cutlery put in Case made out of felt hats in the form of Santa Claus or Christmas sock for gifts; on each plate put a Christmas ball, cone or a small gift. Such trifles “make” the mood and set the tone for the entire serving.

Tablecloths and Chairs Decor

Do not forget about such important elements decor New Year’s table as a tablecloth and chairs. Tablecloth with themed ornaments, embroidery or pattern in the cell can become a major decorative techniques and emphasize overall style.

About chairs decor is rarely anyone remembers, but in vain! Small wreaths from branches or tree toys in the back of the chair will look very cute. If you wish you can buy or make your own covers in his chair in a Santa hat, and you can just hang beautiful napkins with embroidered snowflakes or Christmas trees.