New Trend Nail Designs 2016

The glazes never had as high as now! Fashion is enamel. The glazes are essential elements for the production of look everyday.

Nail Polish Trend

You thought it was just the SPFW collection for winter of enamels Impala? No way! The mark came with a novelty: the New collection 70.

The years 70 took on a variety of different styles and trends as sold on bridgat, but, certainly, the hippie and psychedelic style “dancing days” gripped sets. Who does not remember the pants flared, bright colors, floral prints, psychedelic gowns, hot pants … Not to mention the huge ethnic recovery at this time.

All this profusion of styles culminated in glazes inspired in 70 years. The 70 New collection of Impala has this reference.

There are eight colors of nail polish. 2016 Enamels Impala to warm the winter of nails with style.

Pearly are four colors of winter: super cute flared (Brown), Hippie Street (black) Slam Rosa (Pink), Boho Chic (grey).

Two colors of Nail Polish cream of Impala which brings the basic influence of years 70: camel (caramel) and fig (closed). You can be in doubt between this caramel tone (camel) and the collection of Sweet Flavour of the Big universe.

Flocked the collection New 70 with super inspiration “Dancing Days”: Love Story and love and peace. The Flake polishes is the new craze of the enamel. The Impala and its flocked …

Enamel, what are your Favorites? Mouth of Bell and the camel called my attention!

What did you think of the colors of the New collection 70, Impala? Repetitive of winter? Which of these colors you like best? Tell me in the comments.