New Sharing in Google Docs

The Google Docs is currently the best way to create online documents with the possibility of immediate and simultaneous collaboration among all those involved in that file. Of course the privacy of documents is fundamental, and to further improve, Google today announced new ways to share documents in Docs.

Is a text file, a presentation or spreadsheet, Google Docs will give the user the chance to choose being three levels of sharing. All this with a simple click: private, anyone with the link and all the web.

Let the difference between them.

Private. It’s that document that only you will read. Absolutely no one can view the contents, unless you have access to your Google account.

. People with the link This is easy to use: just send the address (URL) of the document you want to share, and the person who will help collaborating with the document can view it quickly.

All the web. The name says it all. With this setting enabled, any Internet user can access the document. It will still turn out to be indexed by the engines search as Google itself.

I tested here, but both Google Docs in Portuguese as the version of the site with English interface does not have the new simplified share button.

Update at 17:31 | As well noted DownloadSquad, the new share not only applies to editable documents in Google Docs, but to any type of file. You can, for example, send a song in MP3 for the service and share the link with a friend who, in turn, can download the file without problem. The space, however, is limited: only 1 GB of storage.