New Service CCTV Connection Remote 4G / 3G

CCTV Connection Remote 4G/3G: The Importance Of Being Connected

Each time is more than fashion have all devices connected to the Internet. It is nothing new to a DVR (video surveillance camera recorder) can be connected to the Internet. What we offer is the possibility of making such a connection via 3G/4G. Why use a mobile connection? Because sometimes hire Internet to a community of owners not always it is possible.

According to the operator chosen connection can be a cost that part of € 30, including a phone line that, in 99% of cases, is not used for anything in the community.
Emopa offers a turnkey solution:

We carry out installation

We supply the router

the SIM card and data

all this at a cost of between € 15 and € 20 per month.

Why it is important to be connected to the Internet, as well, to answer this question and although it seems incongruous Let’s formulate new questions: on occasion have you…

.. .intentado removing a recording and just the camera you need was damaged?

.. .revisado recordings with the DVR wrong time and have you gone crazy looking for?

.. .llegado later to extract a recording and the content you were looking for had been overwritten?

If you have answered Yes to some or all of the questions, then you will understand the importance of having a remote connection that will allow us to review your video surveillance system of a fast and agile way.

Although as a general rule our maintenance of CCTV for owners include periodic face-to-face, we find that the reality is that teams need revision level much more usual software (change of time, cameras that no longer see or fail or errors due to hard disk failure), because they are not equipment that can be forgotten since that subtracted effectiveness and meaning to the installation of safety and these failures are easily detectable in remote.

Would you like to know all the advantages of being connected?Read and draw your own conclusions.

All Are Advantages Of Security

With the connection with 3G/4G on your DVR, you can take full advantage of your installation of CCTV. They include mainly:

SIM card and data rate adjusted to your needs. Don’t pay a single euro more for a fee not adapted to your needs.

Checks and searches of immediate recordings, without waiting times.

The janitor or security personnel will be devoted exclusively to the live viewing.

We provide you the router adapted to your installation.

The continuity of service is increased to the maximum.

We perform periodic connections (you marks the periodicity) to check that everything is working properly.

If you have any questions or are interested in this new servicedon’t hesitate to get in touch with us.