New Helmet Sends Distress Message in Case of Accident

With the growing number of people joining bicycles as a means of locomotion in large cities, there is also growing concern about the safety of cyclists.

Although the specialist market offers a number of helmets and safety accessories, a new helmet model is about to be launched this year that goes way beyond protecting the cyclist’s head.

In addition to effectively fulfilling its primary function, Livall has an integrated LED backlight system, a set of microphones and speakers that enables wireless communication and a unique 3-axis gyroscope capable of detecting a Fall and make an emergency call to a previously registered phone number.

Like many similar gadgets, the Livall helmet is the physical extension of an application for iOS and Android smartphones, which allows the operation of all functions of the helmet.

Through a remote control installed on the bike handlebar, you can control its multiple functions, from activating the safety lighting system(including directional lights) to answering phone calls, listening to music or communicating directly via Bluetooth, With other pedal partners who are equipped with the same helmet model.

A 2.200mAh battery, built into the helmet at, provides up to 20 continuous hours of use, with all the features enabled(lighting, sensors, microphone, etc.).

To enable large-scale production, Livall developers are raising funds through the Indiegogo collective financing platform, where the helmet can be purchased for $ 100, plus shipping costs.

The Livall helmet, which complies with EN 1078 safety standards required by the European Union, will be available in sizes M and L in three colors(red, blue and yellow).