Neoprene Fashion Trend Conquers the World Fashion

He is already flirting with the fashion world, it is today, because it’s, like, in this winter season, save that name, the neoprene, promises to be one of the stars of the season, he always had his name attached to the water sports, jumped from the water directly to the catwalks, becoming protagonist in closets fashionistas, only in the form of dresses, straitjackets finally, of course, the stakes in this fabric is reinforced by the strong tendency, which appeared in the latest national and international collections.
For those who are not calling “the person”, the neoprene is a synthetic rubber type originally developed to replace natural rubber, being used initially in diving suits, by their isothermal property, however, it didn’t take long to win acceptance, and is used in other branches of industry, today even looks stripped and luxury.

Yes, but not only surfing and diving live tissue, because while in the sport he is valued for being waterproof and thermal, the fashion world has already made him the darling, for helping to create different outfits, structured and often bulky.

To get an idea of the success of neoprene, the brand Balenciaga had as one of its pieces sold the coat “Egypt funk sweatshirt”, last winter collection of the brand, a real success!

Neoprene Fashion

Another one who believes in the power of the neoprene is Tommy Hilfiger, who made almost the Itypemba collection with this fabric, of course, with a very young vibe, valuing the neoprene for the day to day, with a footprint in sportswear, with short dresses, coats and sweaters.
Another advantage of the fabric is being waterproof, won’t have time work your look; continuing structured, even under rain.
And the best part of the neoprene have abandoned their vocation, that of rubberized fabric, in addition to lend extra charm looks festive, yet helps to delineate the curves and leave everything in place.
Anyway, convinced that the neoprene has to be part of your wardrobe this winter?