Natural Beauty Cosmoprof

Many conferences for industry professionals, but not only. Cosmoprof all the news on the world beauty and young hairdressers showcase their skills.

The natural beauty and the absence of artifice are two of the themes around which the forty-seventh edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna and initiatives promoted by the National Association of Cosmetic Companies. The international conference “Beauty without makeup”, scheduled for April 4, 2014 at the Congress Palace (from 9.30 to 16, Sala Italy) and promoted by the Italian Cosmetics, is one example along with various other appointments.The focus is: the industry has an entrepreneurial vocation and is an important economic resource, such as actions and initiatives can enhance the potential? They answer the many speakers called upon to deal, in a comprehensive manner, the issue of commercial and cosmetic advertising communication.

According to recent market analysis, the increase in exports has as its immediate impact on the growth of competitiveness of domestic enterprises; Another upward trend concerns home sales and other channels, such as herbal medicine and pharmacy. It records, however, a negative sign to the detriment of perfumery, cosmetic and hairstyle channel.
The Italians do not give up the purchase of cosmetics, but especially families, shift attention to other price ranges, cheaper and better value quality price.

The calendar in the day on April 4, in addition to the international conference, is full of events. The Center for Italian Studies Cosmetics analyzes and presents data and market trend channel perfumery at 14.30, Lounge Cosmetics Italy, Pavilion 21N, then moved on to ‘focus aesthetic (Hall 14) and then the performances of young hairdressers from all over Italy, from 12 to 16, Hall 25. All floors of cosmetics, without exception, enjoy a space and attention.

The next day, April 5, opens with a “welcome” cocktail facing international groupings for the Meeting the International Associations (at 12, Lounge Cosmetics Italy, Hall 21 N); follow the ad hoc analysis of GFK on buying habits in cosmetic channel and those of Alias ​​on how Italians will approach to aesthetic centers, especially at times of crisis, starting at 12, Hall 14.
Even that of ‘hairstyle is a chain and the Italian Chamber of hairdressing performs in various events, from 11 to 16, Hall 25.

With on ‘seminar herbal medicine, is initiated by the day of April 6, the word goes back to research conducted by GFK and Alias ​​respectively (starting at 10.30 am, Hall 21N). The first draws a trace of the buying habits for the herbal channel; the second focuses on the experiences of the same sector and its growth prospects in a difficult period as that of the crisis. Research, with the same questions, moving reflection on the aesthetic sector (from 11, Hall 14).

April 7 is the turn of a conference that is new synergies, such as between the hairdressers and customers, from 11 to 13, Service Center, Room Night Club. While it is changing over time the attitude of the consumer with respect to the service, which may be new opportunities for the hairdressing industry?

The beauty of the person and in general cosmetics, with all its channels, is a resource and Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna the opportunity to know her better and more closely.