Nalgene, Ecological Water Bottles

Nalgene Water Bottles Contribute To A World Better

In the framework of a world where the same people who should care for the land, destroy it, always have someone worried about nature and recycling.

Felt us very interesting post from Freeman that stands out the Nalgene water bottles for their ecological characteristics. And it is that Jerry cans for waterand other liquids from Nalgene contribute to the health of the planet Earth and its ecosystem for two important reasons:

1 to be reusable bottles does not occur, neither used nor spent so much plastic, therefore further residues are reduced.

2 the Nalgene are BPA free, a material that helps to preserve the health of the people.

BPA Free, Healthy Water Bottles

Nalgene water bottles are made of a material called Tritan, according to sportingology. Nalgene tritan is free of Bisphenol (BPA). BPA is part of many plastics and additives and has been the subject of many studies because it is suspected that it is harmful to health, especially for babies and children. Indeed, in the U.S. the BPA is prohibited in products that are specially for them such as bottles, spoons, bottles and other containers.

Plastic bottles add to the problem that with the own use and wear free Bisphenol, which goes straight to our body. For these reasons many people are changing to reusable and environmentally friendly bottles like Nalgene, betting for a healthier world and their own health.

Nalgene Committed To The Reduction Of Plastic

Small changes are important. Make small changes personal as that they have said may lead to a sea change in the world.

A recent study has revealed that there are a number of enough plastic in our oceans to fill 11,000 trucks, accumulating a total weight of 270,000 tons.

This fact shows us that only with a small common gesture can do much. A healthier world is a thing of all.