Nail Art Geometric Tutorial

The undisputed star of the summer is the color and the keyword is to dare. With the arrival of summer is inevitable get overwhelmed by happiness and good humor that releases color.

The clothes become mini and super colorful, the trick becomes brighter and hands feature color super glossed.

Pupa for this summer presents Make Up line Coral Island which is made ​​up of blush, lands, lipgloss, blush and much more. A complete line characterized by bright colors and vibrant. The summer collection of Pupa has three enamels kits each composed of two Lasting Color by contrasting hues and 190 guidelines for the french.


The three kits are:
– 001 Blue Lagon, contains a blue jeans and a green water;
– 002 Tropical Juice, a fuchsia and orange;
– 003 Precious Sunset, sandy brown satin and pink coral.

Let’s see in detail the 001 and 002 kits and how to use them.

The lunettes contained in the kit are used to create a perfect French manicure, but here health-beauty-guides will show three alternative ways to use the french guide and achieve three nail art graphics.



For this simple tutorial I have used the 001 kit Blue Lagon.
The first essential step is to lay out all the nails a protective base. Let dry a few minutes and proceed doing a past of blue enamel jeans contained in the kit. Color is very pigmented and just one pass.

Take the guide strips and cut into two parts with the help of a pair of scissors. When the nail polish is completely dry, place the two pieces of the guide so as to form a V.

After placing guidelines roll out the green water with two passes very thin.

When the nail polish is completely dry, remove the guidelines. plentiful and our Nail Art is ready to pass a top coat.


For the realization of this I used Pupa Nail Art Kit No. 002 Tropical Juice, which contains within it an orange enamel coral and a rich and vibrant fuchsia.
As a first step, roll out a protective base, then place then the guidelines in order to forming an X.

Roll out the fuchsia on all nails except on the ring, on which you are going to apply the color orange always contained in the kit. The glazes are very pigmented so just make one pass and let dry.

With a fine-tipped brush traced the lines in the X on the ring you will use the color fuchsia and orange on the other fingers. A coat of Top Coat and Nail Art is ready.


For Nail Art I decided to use all glazes contained in 001 and 002 kits and guidelines. Also this Nail Art is really simple to implement and requires little time.

Start by applying a protective base. Then applied the guidelines to the upward curve of index and ring fingers and the downward curvature of middle and little finger.

Fill with different color zones. I decided to apply the colors in the following sequence: orange-fuchsia-verdea cqua-blue. Repeat this sequence on all the fingers in order to give continuity to the Nail Art.

When the nail polish is completely dry, remove the guides. As a final step, apply the top coat. Voila our Nail Art in super cheerful and colorful stripes is ready.

Which you prefer among the three proposals for Nail Art? What are your favorite pairings for this summer? I’m curious to read your opinions. If you want to leave a little comment below.
Good Nail Art to all!