My Wife Is Pregnant and …

… for me too, it is an exceptional situation. Yesterday, my wife has published a posting in which she has described insanely honestly why pregnant is sometimes “really shit”, Well, what can I say? Also I get the whole scenario with the disadvantages of the pregnancy quasi including premium account presents. One of the ways forward before I continue to write this article, you will read it later and put me some bad intentions: I love my wife and also the exciting time when we are both in the process of growing into our new roles. And with all the respect I feel for you and for the whole pregnancy, it is not always the case for me to permanently put sweets. And the moments in which I even say being pregnant are annoying, you can read here:

My Wife Is Pregnant And At First Did Not Realize The New Situation

Since then we have the pregnancy test and the result was positive, I had the next few weeks a real pile of misery here to sweeten the day. Of course, for me the message was a big change and yes, I also imagined what liberties and possibilities by a baby are no longer possible, but it would certainly not have been the moment to do the honest customer. Instead, I’ve focused on the positive aspects and tried to make yours palatable. But when, among other things, the greatest fear seems to be that the character is soon there and we have built very crap, probably only helps Voodoo or the funny part with the Men in Black “flashing.” Because I have neither connections to the black magic of the Caribbean, nor such an instant-forget-it-part, only the frugal version of the passive-aggressive anticipation … with success! (The instant-forget-it-part had with me always eh always empty battery had or would be found here with nem Amazon affiliate link!)

My Wife Is Pregnant And Reads Every Crap About Pregnancy

Up to this point I had not even studied the subject matter intensively, as the first books already swarmed into the house. But two books can NEVER suffice, because fun is in every other fact, different opinions and different advice. Everything nice and good, and also the many Internet pages to the moving subject take in this regard but also nothing at all. And what does one do when one realizes that anthroposophical views are not coincidental with school medicine? Exactly, you get even more books and spreads the balancing act of information conflicts still further. The whole thing then, of course, takes on a rapid dynamism that seeks its like, and then ends in a devil’s circle, because it only leads too often, that mistress seems to worry about everything she has read of. In addition, the omnipotence of pregnancy seems to be leveled.

My Wife Is Pregnant And Has A Brain Like A Sieve

Yeah, where does she sometimes have only her pretty little curly head? The whole is actually half as wild, because we are both so verpeiler, for example, on vacation leave want to leave the house, at the bus stops to the main station, look at us and then ask, where is actually our travel luggage? Exactly, still stands at home in the hallway! Even if I ask times, where they parked the car 2 hours ago and then I look at NEN Wolf, because it is still somewhere else, I laugh about it. But when it starts to get really annoying, I always have to worry about the little one when I’m not there. For example, when she has to go to work and home. The traffic in the unconcentrated state is really ne imputation here in Berlin. Events like the accidentwhich she had, of course make my worries no less or less. Otherwise, I try to always think as well as possible (for two people) but with a total loss of time in the practiced two-constellation, the success rate in the case of the case just stops by 50%.

My Wife Is Pregnant And Is Ruled By Your Hormones

Actually, I always had a lucky happiness before pregnancy, which affects hormone-related mood fluctuations. Somehow, my wife had always been resistant in that regard. But the last few months I notice is that their behavior is similar to before, but the eruptions of hunger, saturation, fear, hope, serenity, dejection, longing, madness, fatigue, confusion, excitement, fun, amazement , Loneliness, trust, security, enthusiasm, irritation, revulsion, regret, disgust, lust, envy, happiness, grief, hatred, contentment are shorter. (In short: “Phasewise it is simply not the same! “) If she can barely get to your emotional world, then it is a challenge for me. After all, sometimes I simply can not know which hormones have the right of way. Therefore always prefer to suppress thought and unqualified comments. (Unquoted comments are my very strong point.)

My Wife Is Pregnant And The Apartment Sometimes Looks Out

Since the little one has to be more careful, I am, of course, more than ever asked, as to the whole small and large areas of chaos in our apartment. As you realize first how spoiled is actually and loses the view for what the woman does otherwise everything I do not even get. You could almost say we changed the roles a bit. If I give time and try to bring everything to Vordermann, it does not take long until somewhere is rumsteht, because a “certain someone” and I have not cleared it. Even though my activation levelI am really grateful for everything that my wife has worked at home here, so we can not go into chaos. And it is totally annoying now that I am not nearly so winkriege and sometimes myself is shocked by my own laziness.