My Son Does not Cover Himself the Night

What is the mother who does not raise a thousand times the night to check if the child is warm and throw the first stone lol!Today we will unveil this mystery that we all pass and give tips for your child not to get cold at dawn.

It is very common for you to comment that your child does not cover the night and all the mothers around him identify with speech, this is more common than we imagine.

Before the first year of life, using a blanket can pose a serious risk to the baby’s life, at that age pediatricians advise against using blankets, plush, crib protectors, as they may suffocate the baby if it obstructs the child’s face!The famous sudden death and (SIDS syndrome) at this age most used and advised is a comfortable and warm pajamas and the use of sleeping bag, there are several models for all tastes and pockets!

After the first year of life the introduction of the blanket/comforter can still be a risk, always consult your pediatrician! If you already feel safe in the child in taking the object of the face and your pediatrician has released can introduce, but then what happens? Your son takes off and refuses the blanket rsrsrs.

Do you know why this happens? Of course not? No one can explain, doctors report that children refuse the blanket until about 4 years, but there is no scientific explanation for this. I believe in surviving extinction, sleeping and waking up with the covered face is scary and until the 4 years the children move very sleeping, so I believe it is their survival instinct already sending order.

In this case it is up to us moms to look for alternatives to keep our kids warm through the night. Here are some beautiful tips:

  • Pajamas or fleece overalls, flannel or soft, or some other thermal material:I particularly prefer to wear jumpsuits with feet instead of pajamas (I use Carter’s brand too much and I indicate), so I’m sure that with these no part of the body It will be exposed, and I usually wear a cotton one underneath to ensure the famous layers of clothing. But be careful not to overdo it and overheat the child.
  • Keep the room at a pleasant temperature, approximately 24 °! In this case the use of air conditioning is ideal (since the correct air maintenance, cleaning and maintenance recommended by the manufacturer is done), because the air conditioner has the thermostat, turning the appliance on and off and maintaining the desired temperature unchanged. The use of heaters and air conditioners can be risky because they do not have a thermostat in most cases and can therefore overheat the environment because they do not identify the time to switch off. Attention the three models can greatly dry the air of the environment, a tip is to use a wet towel or basin in the environment, away from the reach of the child.

And how have you kept your baby warm in this cold? Super kiss and see you next time.