Motorsport Manager, The Best Simulator of F1 in Android, Free Offer

The Formula 1 He has started this past weekend and thus begins the season of this sport that navigated to many Spanish fans when Fernando Alonso won his two Championships in the world at Renault.

Although we have the Formula 1 of Codemasters game with its gigabytes of download, there is a simulator that has been placed as the best in the category of motor racing. Motorsport Manager is the game in question and is offering, completely free of charge, in Google Play, thanks to that advantage now allowing Google in your store.

A great Formula 1 Simulator

Motorsport Manager was a very pleasant surprise when it was published in the Google Play Store for several reasons. One was the ability to give the feeling that We’re actually managing a team yet which leads and as lovers of this sport will ever get well with wheels, rubber type and more changes.

The other reason for his success was his big finish in the visual, so to find from a single screen to all cars on track for consider the different strategies, whether out in the ‘qualifying’ as already in race.

With these two reasons it was capable of Eaglets to the best positions in the list of games purchased in the Store Play Google, so that, on the day of today, you can download it free of charge to get him.

You can hire new pilots, developing cars, investing in technology, help runners achieve their best lap, set the back in which will stop to change tyres, react to the changes in the weather or safety cars and try to win the Formula 1 World Championship to reach the Summit of this motor sport.

Do not delay the appointment of Motorsport Manager so follow the Formula 1 from a game that will get that the downtime between races are more enjoyable.

Motorsport Manager Handheld1.1.5

  • Version of Android: from 4.1
  • Developer: Christian West
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: 2,59€
  • Category: Racing