Motorola Defy Mini, a SUV Phone in Mini Format

During the first day of MWC 2012, Motorola He has presented one of the toughest handsets on the market, the new Motorola Defy Mini. The company continues to insist on robust terminals that exceed the most adverse conditions.

The Motorola Defy Mini It’s him ideal terminal for athletes that you want to carry a relatively powerful phone but also very resistant. Its not too big size makes it perfect to take you anywhere.

Being a off-road phone endures, as well as his brothers: falls to the ground or be submerged without problems. But, eye, it is not a terminal for scuba diving or to dive deep, rather to hold races in the pool, in the rain or even under the shower.

Is a terminal relatively light with a weight of 107 grams and a thickness of 1255 mm. Your screen has 3.2 inch and a resolution of 480 × 320. A point in favor to exit with route is its 1650 mAh battery that promises autonomy since it is not a major consumer of the same with somewhat limited of 600 MHz and 512 MB of RAM processing.

The screen is covered in Corning Gorilla Glass scratch proof, material that is becoming common in the terminals that brings Motorola into the market making them quite resistant. The Motorola Razr also features the same technology, adding Kevlar body.

With the rest of features there are few new features, features 3 megapixel camera and will come with Android 2.3.6. We do not know if you have plans to reach Ice Cream Sandwich.