Moto Z2 Play Is Versatile

The Moto Z2 play is a Smart phone that is slim and well cooked, but only by the mods it is extraordinary. The light modules extend the capabilities of the mobile phone and make it a real multi-talent.The Z-series Motorola partly redeems what Google’s Project Ara and also LGs G5 could not keep: a Smart phone to the self assemble with components that are replaced according to the plug and play principle in the blink of an eye. A great idea, but project ARA disappeared into oblivion, LG has just abandoned its modular approach after the unsuccessful G5. Only Motorola continues undeterred because, where it started in the last year. The Moto Z2 play is a Smart phone to the free placement with accessories for amateur photographers, battery needy and music lovers as its predecessor.

The first question to the Z2 play is inevitably: you need yet? Finally, Motorola is the only manufacturer that followed the American-modular concept at the moment. That no one else on the train jumps, surely has his reasons? Now, courage or carelessness, Motorola goes its own way, and the concept has its undeniable charm. That thing with the Moto mods, these clip-on modules, was designed to a multi-generation solution from the outset and the Lenovo subsidiary to redeem this promise with the second generation, all mods are compatible with all Z models.

First, obvious disadvantage: the design of the Z2 play was hardly changed compared to its predecessor-the mods need to finally fit on both devices. Thus is the base area remained the same, only the housing of the new play is slightly narrower, the rear is elegant and tricky in the housing matte metal and the wraparound antenna strips. Overall, the Z2 play this is a nifty device that has a robust and high-quality. Only negative: the camera is pretty far out of the housing.

The technical data are quickly ticked off, because everything in the Z2 play is exactly as it should be for a Smartphone that has upper-class ambitions, but goes for 500 euros in the sale. The Super AMOLED display has full HD (ppi 401), which is sufficient as long as you don’t put it in a VR glasses. The Snapdragon-626-processor is strong enough to cope with everyday tasks or even occasional games. He should be, but also, because if the gamepad-mod is available in the fourth quarter, you can work around at lightning speed the Z2 play to the mobile console. That this works well, could advance already trying this in the short test.

Pure Android With Extras

The system is almost pure Android, which has a clear advantage: fast updates and current security patches. For Motorola is known, and that should not change with the Z2 play. There are but as always some software tools, among other clever quick start options for camera or flashlight, a good camera app, and a single button control over the fingerprint sensor, which makes obsolete the navigation buttons on the screen. The settings can be found in the “Moto”-app. Like all manufacturers, Motorola also attaches great importance to the camera that serves up with dual-pixel auto-focus, powerful aperture f/1.7, and 12-megapixel sensor as a good total package and makes good photos that not too much noise even in low light.

The Smart phone is really interesting but only with the mods, which Motorola in Germany directly attaches a sales package: the JBL Soundboost 2 belongs firmly to the accessories. The PIN speaker goes together with the Z2 in the second generation and does what he promises: he “boosting” the sound, so give him a proper boost. Must be but even so, because the mono speaker of the Z2 play can hardly anything.

The connection is at the Soundboost 2 playing simply, exactly as it should be: the mod magnetically adheres to the Smartphone, the device automatically detects accessories and immediately jumps to-class! The plug and play from the seamless change promise full Motorola. Of course there are theoretically countless mods, so far, the repertoire is still manageable. Useful, after all, are all of the Soundboost over the thick battery, the Hasselblad camera attachment, the insta-share projector which projects the display on the wall, the back cover with Wireless charging function or one which “style shell”-back covers, the device gives it a different look.

Who is so up on the Moto eco-system, has plenty of space to play around and try out. Class you are Moto mods, because they can be in a matter of seconds and running in place, firmly and are ready to. There is not a better implementation of this approach. Of course, the mods have but also its limits. The Soundboost sounds better than a mobile speaker, but worse than any mediocre Bluetooth speaker. The projector throws a small, acceptable picture on the wall in dark rooms, is only a stop-gap solution for on the go. And the Hasselblad attachment makes while talking pictures, but won’t address the big names.

Nevertheless: If you have no exaggerated expectations on the mods, can be well happy with the play of Z2. Even without the extensions plugin in, it is a very solid Smart phone that is adequately equipped for its price and need not to hide behind the competition. The Z2 play without mods has real USPS hardly, but after all, fast Android updates are guaranteed, and it’s also somewhat worth. And: the more mods in the future are still built, also the phone will be more versatile. It is also an investment in a-if also uncertain-future.