More Fabric, More Color… Combine Your Long Dresses

This season they wear long dresses. They are soft, vaporous, fresh, comfortable… and colorful! A perfect choice for both day and night.

The options are very varied: with profuse prints, floral or geometric, smooth, striped, with thin straps or shirts… Choose the one you choose, an essie color will always be the perfect complement to accompany the tone of your model.

The blues and the greens are more fashionable than ever this summer that we are about to start. These two models, of classic format, in the purest style of the Seventies Woodstock base their stamping on small flowers or vegetable motifs that give movement to the soft fabric. The one on the left can be combined with one of the most refreshing essie blues, bikini so teeny, while the one on the right goes perfectly with the delicious apple green ice cream, mint candy apple.

Summer is passion and there is nothing more passionate than red in its many nuances. These two models have a predominance of red, the one of the left with a more naive air, the thin strip knotted to the neck and a tie in the neck that gives a touch of the most appetizing, like the aperitif of Essie, a juicy red that It will whet your appetite. The dress as described in maxi clothing on the right, fits more with the ethnic style that is causing furore this season, brown and marine in conjunction with the more powerful orange reds, such as clambake.

Plain dresses are also a must this summer. Silky texture, natural, vaporous provide a touch of Greco-Roman elegance that will make you feel a classic goddess. The olive green model with a discreet cleavage and an original knot on the back fits divinely with sew psyched, a green cashmere that can cause frenzy in your hands. The soft coral dress, marked on the waist, combined with tart decó will make you shine like a piece of art.

The most contemporary models, with their irregular shapes are presented as maxi T-shirts. In cotton, comfortable and transgressors, these models pull more than smooth or striped. It is the case of these two dresses, in which the contrast in the manicure is demanded more , than the tuning. Thus, the red needs a discreet and elegant tone as is sand tropez, which mimics with the sand of the beach, while the dress in white stripes requires a brilliant color and breaker like the madison ave-hue.