Modular Headset Lets You Replace Damaged Parts

Headphones developed by mXers Audio promise to be “future-proof”.This is because the appliance is completely modular, and may have easily replaced parts if they become obsolete or are damaged by use.In addition, the feature allows you to customize the design of the headphones, mixing parts of different colors and styles.The company promises to launch new compatible accessories in the future.Headphones: What you need to know to choose a good model

The novelty hit the target on the Kickstarter collective financing site and is already on sale.The price varies between $ 30 (about $ 93, without taxes) and $ 120 (about $ 374, without taxes).Delivery to Brazil costs US $ 5, which, in direct conversion, is around US $ 15.

The contents of the package change according to the package purchased and may contain more or less accessories for the modular earphones, such as carry cases and silicone tips.

With the promise of high-end sound of high quality, good fidelity and intense bass, the headphones have frequency response from 20Hz to 20KHz and impedance of 160 ohms.It can be mounted in two versions: with wireless connection via Bluetooth 4.2, or audio cable with 3.5 mm connector.The battery can last up to six hours and is recharged with a micro USB cable.The product is also resistant to sweat and offers a six-month warranty.

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