MobilR Launches New Rate Mobile Internet for 1 Euro a Day

The rates for mobile internet are still adjusting to the needs of users in summer so it mobilR has launched its new daily internet fee complete the remainder of the monthly fees and the data rate by default which is maintained at 50 cents/MB if you do not hire a specific data rate.

The new rate Internet Journal includes a maximum of 1 GB per month at a cost of 1 euro each day of use that includes 100 MB to maximum speed and 64 Kbps the rest traffic consumed between 0 and 23:59 hours of the day. In case of reaching monthly giga, it will not be possible to continue to surf.

If you are interested in surfing in mobility from mobile and computer, can see at a glance all available internet promotions this summer of 2011 and a comparison of data without permanence rates.