Mobile Phone Giant Samsung: Bad Numbers and An Ambush

Mobile Phone Giant Samsung Makes Less Profit and A Camp was Also Raided

The mobile phone giant Samsung’s wounded: the industry leader and cell phone giant Samsung has in the third quarter in a row less profit made. The main reasons are seen in the world’s lower demand and the fight with the Artsy competition from the far East. And as if that wasn’t enough, even a factory of South Koreans in Brazil was invaded.

The mobile phone giant from South Korea had retracted 2014 still a gain of 7.2 trillion won in the second quarter, converted about 5.2 billion euros. For unsereinen, this is a more than just nice penny for a mobile phone giants such as Samsung, however a real debacle, because with that amount figures the company declined again by massive 24.5 percent. The mobile giant’s presents to the worst quarterly result since 2012. what?

Like most other companies in the industry, also the mobile phone giant Samsung must fight against the currently declining demand. With new attractive smartphone models such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung now is to draw even with the MOP out of the mess. The tablets, which increasingly wants to sell the mobile phone giant Samsung should help. According to experts, the competition, which offered cheaper entry-level phones, the main problem is for Samsung, however.

Raided Factory of Samsung in Brazil

The mobile phone giant in Brazil was badly caught by Crooks, who were probably pretty good planning their coup. While Jogis of guys prepared on their historic victory against the World Cup host country, twenty heavily armed raided a Samsung factory in Campinas near São Paulo. They captured a few employees and with their access codes in the factory. There they stole 40,000 electronic devices that invited them in seven trucks, which then belonged to the thief’s loot. No one was injured, for Samsung with the damage but on about six million dollars.

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