Men’s Style Roundup July

The roundup issues at the end of a month are for me beside the salary entrance a clear signal that the month is now really already rum. This time it was a very special month for me. I have celebrated my 30th birthday. But honestly, I do not feel so much older. So do not worry, the thematic orientation of will remain the same in the future.

For this reason, I also collected various content from websites, blogs, youtube and other platforms in my magazine on Flipboard in July 2016. Since the beginning of the year there has been no monthly magazine, but a “Jahrmagazin”, which is continually supplemented with interesting trends and styles.

Since you can surely think that I can not publish all trends and styles at, a lot of the FlipBoard Roundup magazine makes content from other pages. This is exactly what I curate in the Roundup magazine, to give you a good overview of interesting content from the field of fashion, lifestyle, gadgets and co.

FlipBoard gives me the opportunity to collect articles, photos and videos from different sources and to prepare them in an online magazine. So I offer you and the other readers the chance to be noticed in my magazine, also on other, interesting content, which I found outside of

The curated contributions reflect the contents of my blog and my interests: lifestyle, fashion, cars, travel, care and a lot more. A great advantage for you, you’ll find interesting articles, photos and videos in one place. Pure inspiration!

Men’s Style-Roundup July 2016-That’s Waiting For You!

Summertime is sneaker time! Is simply an unwritten law, therefore, there are some sneakers in the current men’s style watch-Roundup July 2016. Furthermore there are natural practical everyday helpers, lookbooks of known and unknown brands, functional and stylish wrist watches as well as a lot more from The online magazine itself is not organized by priority, but presents in a loose sequence the previously mentioned, colorful mixture of diverse topics.

But just because of this wild mixture of contributions, videos and co. You have the opportunity to lose yourself in the magazine.Without looking at the clock. So best to grab a cup of coffee-like ice-coffee-and switch off a little. In part, the integrated screenshots of the current issue tell you what exciting content is in the magazine. The link to the magazine you will find at the end of the article, have fun with it!