Men’s Jeans Jackets for the Rock in Rio

ELLUS completes 45 years of history – created in 1972 by Nelson Alvarenga, currently the brand has creative direction of Adriana Bozon and since 2008 is part of the portfolio of brands of the holding Inbrands – and is launching denim jackets that honor Route 66, one of the great symbols of rock.

The famous Route 66, the American road that links Chicago to Santa Monica, won a special edition of trend jeans jackets created by Ellus for Rock in Rio.

ELLUS Jeans Jackets for celebrities

The theme, which is one of the symbols of rock, will also be the inspiration of the SKY Space box at the event.Opinion makers, celebrities and brand guests will be presented with their denim jackets at a party that Ellus will hold in the Ipanema flagship, during which they will be able to customize the pieces for use at the festival.

Rocker Style:Leather Jackets, Coats and Rock in Rio

The Rock in Rio 2017 concerts will take place on September 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23 and 24.This year, the City of Rock is in the Olympic Park, in the West Zone of Rio.

This year, the main attractions of each night on the World Stage will be Lady Gaga (15), Maroon 5 (16), Justin Timberlake (17), Aerosmith (21), Bon Jovi (22), The Who and Guns N ‘Roses co-headliners, 23) and Red Hot Chili Peppers (24).

Rocker style is still a strong trend in fashion.A style that involves a lot of personality and attitude!For a more elaborate look, nothing better than purses, bracelets, necklaces, glasses and belts.For the feet nothing better than a coturno or low or long sneakers.

What is certain is that the style Rock’n’roll for men;something somewhat rebellious, stripped down and casual, inspired by the rockers, is quite successful among men and also among women.

VIRAGE leather boot – spring-summer 2017/18 release

A new release, a new version!Virage male coturnos are cowboy models that align the traditional strong and robust style with style and design of the latest international fashion trends.

See the list of attractions of the Rock in Rio 2017 with schedules

Friday, September 15

Rock district
3PM: Rock Street Band
5PM: George Israel
Rock street
3:30 p.m.: Fredy Massamba
17:30: Les Tambours de Brazza
8PM: Tyous Gnaoua
Digital Stage
15h, 15h55, 18h35: MC’s Bruna and Marcão
3:20 p.m.: Luba
3:55 pm: Malena
4:15 PM: Popping
4:35 pm: Pyong
4:55 pm: Mariana Nolasco
4:55 pm: FitDance
5:50 pm: Castro Brothers
18h05: Kondzilla invites MC Guimê
18h20: Kondzilla invites MC Kekel
18h50: MC’s + Guests
Sunset Stage
15h05: SG lewis
16:30: Heaven invites Boogarins
18h: Fernanda Abreu invites Focus Cia. De Dança & Dream Team do Passinho
20h: Save the Samba!
World Stage
7PM: Ivete Sangalo
9PM: Pet Shop Boys
22:35: 5 Seconds of Summer
0h25: Lady Gaga
22h: Fatnotronic
Groove Delight
23h40: Gop Tun DJs (Caio T & Nascii)
0h30: Wild
1:30 am: Midland
2h30: The Black Madonna

Saturday, September 16

Rock Distric
5:30 p.m.: JAMZ
Digital Stage
3pm: MC’s Marcão and Bruna
15:15, 16:20, 16:35, 18:00, 18:15, 18:50: Whindersson Nunes
4:45 p.m.
17h: Pyong
5PM: FitDance
17h45: Luisa Sonza
6pm: MCs
18h50: MCs + Guests
Sunset Stage
15h05: Homage to João Donato with Lucy Alves, Emanuelle Araújo, Tiê and Mariana Aydar
16:30: Blitz invites Alice Caymmi and Davi Moraes
6pm: Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires
20h: Miguel invites Emicida

World Stage

7PM: Skank
9PM: Shawn Mendes
10:35 a.m.: Fergie
0:25: Maroon 5
22h: João Brasil
23h: The Gaslamp Killer
0h: ZZ’s (Zeh Pretim & Zedoroque)
1h45: Grandmaster Flash
2h45: DJ Marky B2B DJ Mau Mau

Sunday, September 17

Rock district
5:30 p.m.: The Silva’s
Digital Stage
3pm: MCs Marcão and Bruna
15h10: Rodrigo Teaser
4:30 p.m.: Popping
4:45 pm: FitDance
5:10 p.m.: Pyong
5:45 pm: Castro Brothers
6pm: Christian Figueiredo
18h10: Gabi Luthai
18h25: MCs
18h50: MCs + Guests
Sunset Stage
15h05: HMB & Virgul & Carlão
16h30: Johnny Hooker invites Liniker and Almério
6pm: Maria Rita invites Melody Gardot
8pm: Nile Rodgers & Chic
World Stage
7pm: Frejat
9pm: Walk the Moon
22h35: Alicia Keys
Justin Timberlake
22h: Flow & Zeo
23h: Chemical Surf
0h: Renato Ratier
1h: Andhim
2h: Luciano

Thursday, September 21

Rock district
4PM: All By Ares
8pm: Rodrigo Santos
Rock street
3.30 pm: Ba ​​Cissoko
5.30 pm: Alfred et Bernard
8pm: Mamani Keita
Digital Stage
3pm: MCs Marcão and Bruna
15h15, 17:05, 18h35: Paraphernalia
4PM: Damiani
4:15 p.m.
4:30 p.m.: Pyong
17:25: FitDance
17:40: Davie 504
18h05: White Moon
6:20 p.m.
18h50: MCs + Guests
Sunset Stage
15h05: Ana Cañas invites Hyldon
16:30: Tyler Bryant & The Shakedow
6PM: The Kills
Alice Cooper invites Arthur Brown
World Stage
7pm: Scalene
9PM: Fall Out Boy
22h35: Def Leppard
0h25: Aerosmith
11h: Leo January
11:55 AM: Mumbaata
0:40: Ney Faustini
1h40: Nightmares on Wax
2h45: Rob Garza

Friday, September 22

Rock district
4:00 PM: Memora
17h30: Evandro Mesquista & The Fabulous Tab
Digital Stage
3pm: MC’s Marcão and Bruna
3:15 a.m., 4:50 p.m., 5:15 p.m.: Mr. Poladoful
3:40 p.m., 5:45 p.m.: MCs
3:55 pm: Malena
17:05: FitDance
5:20 a.m., 6:35 p.m.: Barbecues
5:40 pm: Sofia Oliveira
18h50: MCs + Guests
– Pyong
Sunset Stage
15h05: Sinara invites Matthew Hallelujah
16:30: Baiana System invites Titica
6:00 pm: The Grand Encounter invites the State’s Pífanos Ze Band and the Grial Dance Group
20h: Ney Matogrosso & Zumbi Nation

World Stage
7PM: Jota Quest
9PM: Alter Bridge
22:35: Tears For Fears
0h25: Bon Jovi
10:00 PM: IAO
10:50 a.m.: MANIMAL
23h40: Tessyto
0h40: L_cio
1h40: Paranoid London
2:30 am: Maya Jane Coles

Saturday, September 23

Rock district
17h30: Dinho Ouro Preto
20h: Kisser Clan
Digital Stage
3pm: MCs Marcão and Bruna
15h10, 17h15, 18h40: Maurício Meirelles
3:30 p.m., 6:10 p.m.
15:50: Mussoumano
4:10 PM: Popping
4:25 p.m.: Pyong
5:17 a.m.: Barbecues
17:35: FitDance
6pm: Ana Gabriela
18:20: Davie 504
18h50: MCs + Guests
Sunset Stage
15h05: Quabales invites Margareth Menezes
16:30: Black City invites Digitaldubs & Maestro Spok
6pm: Stereo Pump invites Karol Conka
8 pm: CeeLo Green invites IZA
World Stage
7PM: Titans
21h: Incubus
10:35 pm: The Who
0:25: Guns N ‘Roses
22h: Ely Yabu + Rodrigo Sha
11pm: Nytron
0h: Bruno Martini
1h: Illusionize
2h: Erick Morilo

Sunday, September 24

Rock district
17:30: Flausino & Sideral sing Cazuza
Digital Stage
3pm: MCs Marcão and Bruna
15:15, 18h, 18h35: Felipe Castanhari
3:40 a.m., 6 p.m. MCs
16h10: Mussoumano
4:30 p.m.: Pyong
5:15 a.m., 5:45 p.m.: Barbixes
17:20: FitDance
5.30 pm: Thayná Bitencourt
6:10 pm: Davie 504
18h50: MCs + Guests
Sunset Stage
15:05: Ego Kill Talent
16h30: Doctor Pheabes & Supla
6pm: Republica
8pm: Sepultura
World Stage
7pm: Initial Capital
9PM: The Offspring
Thirty Seconds to Mars
0h25: Red Hot Chili Peppers
10pm: Zerb
11:00 PM: Bruno Furlan
0h: Cat Dealers
1h: Gabriel Boni
2h: Robert Owens Live Pa
2:30 am: Vintage Culture