Meet a 13 Year Old Boy with Irish Wonderkid-Own Game Company

Some children have a driving force, which is unusual. You can in this web-tv feature meeting a 13 year old Irish boy who has his own video game company.

Since the Irish Jordan Casey decided that 9-year-old that he would learn to program. He ended up with, so to buy a book and then went in again.

It was the game Club Pinguin, which gave him the desire to make games themselves. And everything he can is self-educated through books, YouTube videos, etc., and the parents have not been of much help, since they are not very technical.

Jordan Casey is now 13 years old and has developed several mobile games and even started his own video game company, which reads the name Casey Games.

He tells at the end of the video that the games make money, not the big money, but okay. However, still not enough for he has Office and stuff like that.