Mediacom PhonePad X530U 4 g

Mediacom is a brand that in recent years has been always associated with particular interest and present products in shopping malls, often on offer, or how economic proposals especially in field Tablet. In this 2016 things seem to finally take a different turn for the company and theMediacom PhonePad 530U proves it. Let’s get to know him better in our review.

Hardware, Materials and ergonomics:

PhonePad 530U ranks in less than 200 € and offers a really excellent hardware and in line with Wiko Fever, much that could be considered a real direct competitor. Aboard in fact we find a processor 64-Bit Mediatek Octa CORE, well 3 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal memory expandable and dual SIM card slots.

Lightweight, convenient to use with one hand and a little slippery, the PhonePad 530U is also handled constructively with a metal and plastic back profile with glass effect. Aesthetically pleasing, the device is well assembled and having no moving parts is really solid. .


Compared to Fever we have a 5 inch HD Panel, which, though not very high resolution, is adequate and not the GPU device squeeze. This translates into a great pleasantness of use thanks to a touch sensitive Panel and very responsive. Very well balanced range of colors that can also be edited thanks to manual settings allowed by system Miravision. The wide viewing angles and visibility in sunlight.

The function keys are backlit and are clearly visible under all conditions as well as the brightness of the screen that always allows good readability thanks to a sensor that performs its task. Too bad the key layout configuration both pre-Lollipop and thus “shortly”. There is also a convenient status LED/notification.

Drums, Audio and reception:

Considering the presence of a display with HD resolution, even if the battery has a very high capacity, battery life is very good. Mediatek has worked really well in 2015 on their processors while managing to balance consumption and performance while maintaining the very high temperatures. Generally, the day the you can quit without major problems. There are some energy saving systems but nothing particularly advanced.

As for the audio, the volume and sound pressure provided by the speaker. The positioning is undoubtedly successful: not being on the back, in fact, is not likely to be “closed” when we support on a flat surface. The quality is high for the type of product and the maximum volume you do not have any distortion. Good quality through earbud that allows you to make calls without difficulty even in fairly noisy.

No problem regarding the receipt. It supports all Worldwide bands. Excellent management of the phone with different settings regarding the SIM and ability to view which numbering arrive texting and calling. Can also set a default SIM for calls, data and messages. In short, a Mediatek that does not disappoint and not denied side Dual SIM.

Bwana even phone signal reception, both 3 g 4 g either. Stable Bluetooth and Wi-FI coverage although it lacks the 5 GHz band. There is no NFC. The GPS receiver allows you to navigate without too much difficulty with some “confusion” among high buildings.


The object of our trial 530U PhonePad is based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, the last deployment before Marshmallow, a detail appreciable since it is a product presented at the end of 2015.Personalization is really bland and merely some application installed from Mediacom, four topics and some installed software that you can see to follow (before power-up).

Fortunately you can uninstall everything. Therefore, you will not have problems of bloatware so they can take full advantage of the approximately 12 GB free on startup. Interesting the ability to set the default mass storage and SD as pleasing a few options in the settings menu.

Minor criticism for the gesture of laucher: Mediacom, in fact, allows you to make 4 different entries with one or two fingers but among these missing fundamental, double tap to turn on/off the screen. Nothing particularly dramatic but fortunately the side buttons are well recognized but a “toc doc” to the display would have been smarter.

That said, positively surprising smoothness, responsiveness and stability of software. All open, moves and takes advantage of really with pleasure and without real slowdowns.Multitasking can be activated with the press & hold the home button, is always ready and 3 GB of RAM are exploited very well. Practically, in comparison with Fever, this Mediacom looks good at all, in fact, in some respects, you could consider it even better.

The web part Chrome browser which is fluid in the scroll and reactive to pinch and double tap.Well, overall, even the media Department

Camera and Multimedia:

The rear camera has a sensor from 13 megapxiel and is able to take pictures that have good quality, at least when we see them on the phone display. Displaying them on large displays, in fact, we realize that the definition is quite low even if the colors are good. Unfortunately, I have noticed a tendency to overexpose too in the presence of strong light, even the environment.Fortunately, using the HDR this defect is limited.

The videos have Full HD resolution reflecting the speech made on photos and enhance overall, to give full enough to the camera.

Very unique and interesting is the presence of Live photos in iPhone style/Window Mobile.Everything is handled well by the gallery owner showing live photos and video animated thumbnails and a GPU good performance, especially with games.


Mediacom PhonePad 530U is the perfect embodiment of the phone that you do not expect and that surprises you. This device has among its strengths an excellent build quality, very good benefits, a decent camera, good phone and excellent fluidity and agreeableness. All at a price very aggressively: 199 euros. Call it a “Best Buy” might sound strange but if you purchase this smartphone will hardly be disappointed relationship between price and quality.