Maxi Earring: Discover What Suits You and Knock Them Out

The maxi earrings are fashion trend for a long time and has been gaining even more space between the celebrities even Hollywood. Full of Sparkle and style they are able, alone, to raise the whole composition of a look and can give the highlight you need.

Now you have to be careful at the time to invest in a semijoia of this size. After all, and combine well with your personality, it can also become a piece you love to use. Do you know how to do that? Discovering the maxi earring that most suits you at

If you have no idea what play is ideal for your face and personality type, don’t worry, we’ll help you kick butt in 2017.

Square face

The first thing we must keep in mind is that the earrings serve to give harmony to our face. So, the ideal is that women with square face will opt for the earrings more rounded and not so big size. This will keep a perfect symmetry and will cause you to be featured are all produced.

Want examples?

The maxi drop earring is a good option, in addition to lengthen your face anymore, he also brings the round geometry required for the balance of the composition. Delicate and sophisticated, this item can be used for luxurious events or for more discreet meetings with friends.

Oval face

It has oval face need to bet the maxi long earrings, i.e. those which are narrower in width, but you can get to the neckline. That way you’ll keep your natural stretch and give prominence to the area.

Always remember to keep an eye on proportionality and dare to get parts that are not always so narrow, so you will understand better what the ideal limit for you.

Examples sorted for you carve it up are the maxi oval fringe earrings and earring pendulum with zircônias. The latter brings a point of light that ensures the necessary attention for anyone who wants to stand out.

Triangular face

For women housewives triangular faces ideally choose the geometric parts, since they do not come into conflict with the natural design of your face and can balance more subtle.

The maxi-shaped earrings range are good options. They bring sophistication and elegance and can be studded with crystals or zircônias, ideal for events that happen at night and need more brightness.

The maxi geometric earrings of fringes are also safe choices for those who have the face triangle. In addition to being hit between the famous, he brings boldness needed for those who want to kill.

Rings for those who do not want to Miss

Now, if you do not want to take chances and think the best alternative is to opt for safer parts, the maxi rings are the essential item for you. Plurals and versatile they can be found mounted, flat, thin and thicker and allow you to use them with your hair up, loose or even a little loose, giving movement and elegance to your composition.

Another good option is the ear cuff. These items “embrace” the ear and can be used without fear for women of all kinds. When composed of natural stone they earn even more prominence and help make even the most basic look in an overproduction.

In PIP’s Store you find these parts and more to rock with the maxi earrings.