MÁSmovil Lowers Calls from Spain to 26 Countries around The World

MÁSmovil continue renewing its offer this summer and after the improvement of national prices and tariffs in roaming, now is the turn to the international rates that are reduced up to 37% as the operator commitment to help customers optimize the use.

The calls from Spain to a total of 26 countries they will be reduced automatically to all users both card and contract that will speak from 5 cents/minute more 36 cents of establishment in each call. All the new rates below:

While users are realizing little by little the importance involving the establishment of call every month on bills and look for solutions type “ flat rate ” or rates per minute without settlement, the international rates are seldom the same fate and although all rebate as today is welcome,?sense does to continue lowering prices per minute if the increased cost of the call is originated by a fixed cost that still seems?