Marble Print Fashion Trend 2016

Having had the good life in your interiors, marble is invited in your wardrobe. Decryption.

Who could have said it a few years ago that the marble would find its place in the ready to wear?
Originally this noble material is workplan for chocolate.
Or takes the bathrooms of luxury hotels.

In short, you’ll understand that it was absolutely not intended to be worn skirt let alone shirt. Yet ready to wear decided to ride the trend of returning to nature and particularly mineral.
Perceived by Themeparktour as a safe bet in the same way as gold or silver, marble has a natural class and a very stylish graphics with its black and gray veins on the white background(the black and white being the most easily portable).
Quick tip if you fancy investing in stone, do not hesitate to associate golden jewelery, the agreement will be the most beautiful effect!