Male Country Hat: See Models and How to Choose

When one thinks of country style soon associates to the figure of an American cowboy. The mistake of the previous phrase is that the cowboy is not an American heritage, it actually comes from northern Mexico and with its own familiar style: tight trousers, lace skills and especially the country hat.

As cultures merge and the trend is for fashion to run through many corners of the world, country style is also present in Brazil, far from big cities – true – but it is a form of meaningful expression mainly in rodeos, fields and inside.

And who has doubts if the country style makes the man more elegant, even Prince Williams has already been seen wearing the white country hat with his now wife Kate.

How To Choose The Country Hat

Be aware, as each man has the shape and size of the head different. The hat that was perfect on your colleague may not look so good when it’s on your head following

Check out the tips below:

– The hat should fit completely around your head, getting comfortable to avoid headaches, but if it gets too tight, it can be stretched to the next size.

– There are three sizes of hats: Oval Round, completely round and Oval Long, which is slightly larger on the sides.

The size of the hat should be measured with tape measure around the crown of the hat.

– The hat should not cover your face or stand too tall.

If your style combines with the use of country hat enjoy fashion and be charming!

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Hat

Even if you are an extremely careful man, hat wear is inevitable, as of course by putting it on your head you will adjust and this can damage the material and shape of the hat over time. What to do?

Bring water to a boil and position the rim of the hat in the direction the steam comes out. The edge of your hat will be flexible and you can fold it gently. You can repeat this action whenever you feel it is necessary.

Country hat models

The models are many varied, there are the simplest, one color only, and even models that bring gold and other precious stones. If you have style to wear a cowboy hat, make the most of this accessory that never goes out of style!

Check out the image gallery with country hat, click on the image to enlarge.