Makeup Style of Years 60

One of the more interesting decades in relation to fashion and style has been the Decade of 60, which marked the popular use of the miniskirt, the exaggerated makeup, the hairstyle with hair updo and at the end of the decade if boosted with the hippie movement generating another kind of beauty.

Certainly the makeup at has been a great protagonist among women, marking a very own style, which even today is taken as inspiration.

The look of these years had two well-defined styles that represent characters as the model Twiggy, who wore their hair short, leave all the time and a very special style of makeup to highlight their large eyes. Usually what characterized this time was the skin very well cared for, with shades of natural bases kill, where the star presence are the eyes. These very marked, torn, that gave the feeling of being huge, due to the use of shadow and eyeliner.

Role in The Eye

The eyeliner was the basis of all the makeup, with black eyeliner, much better if it were liquid or fiber style to draw the line better and last longer. The eyeliner if placed in both the upper lashes as lower us, ending long and steep peaks.

The shadows of dark tones if used to mark the basin of the eyelid bone shaped like a half moon, arcing from the outer edge to tear from the eye.

The colors also became protagonists in the eyelids, being the most used colors Blue, turquoise, green and pink. Always designed to set the tone throughout the area.

The lashes were the final touch to complete this style so loaded since if used usually false eyelashes, too long and with too much volume to his superiors. In less than a good dose of mask and even the hairpieces in some cases or with black eyeliner, designed, simulating the false.

Another feature is that using white eyeliner pencil on the inside of the eye to open it more and shave eyebrows and tune with the shape of an arc.

At the end of 60 years we start to see changes and makeup left a little aside so much color and this shaded that gives the appearance of droopy eyes. With the hippie fashion hair if loose, must be black or dark brown shadow and the EYELINERS continued strong. The look is more relaxed in respect of shades, but the thicker lines prevail and the mascara.

How to Get the Makeup of 60 Years

To finish the face, cheekbones are marked in pink or orange clear and lips are only present with juicy, luster but in clear and bright colors.
In short, all eyes are on the upper part of the face, the eyes and the hairstyle that complements.

60 Years Today

A lot of years 60 changed versions are seen every day on the catwalks or even in women who do not lose these touches of makeup. An example of this took two looks famous inspired in Brigitte Bardot.

One example is the actress Sienna Miller in the film Alfie, Nikki, with your long blonde hair with gentle waves, semi stuck behind with volume on top of the head and bangs. Her makeup is very marked with emphasis especially in the eye with a black pencil if it makes the makeup of all the mobile eyelid to get to the bone of the eyelid. The lower eyelid is also intensely makeup and the line on the inside of the eye to close with the top line lacrimal. Something like cat’s eyes.

Under your eyebrows a clear shadow to light, very dark black lashes mask, at least two applications and a pink lips nude. To define the cheekbones, a terra cotta tone which gives a little color once you get your cheekbones by applying below the bone and not about this.

Meanwhile, the supermodel Kate Moss makes the honors in a production also recently published by Vanity Fair, where she looks very sexy, with a more detailed look at your shoulder-length blond hair, defined eyes with the black cat’s eye , the eyelashes with a lot of presence and the face of China.

60 years were years that marked several icons of the era, highlighted by your sensuality and style. The base was in her hair and eyes to get a visually stunning, sexy, but without being too bold.

With just eyeliner and neutral tones, if you can get this look that only requires a lot of precision when it comes to draw the line.