Makeup Should Enhance Your Beauty

Departures in sight? No fear! Relying on the travel set with mini-sized samples of most products is the smart thing, they save space and are very comfortable on vacation!

If the suitcase from anxiety is a problem the Travel Kit come to the rescue. By now, more and more brands that make up the wisely designed travel kit for all needs but mainly to save space in your suitcase. From the hair kit shampoo and conditioner to those with eyeliner and mascara, ideal to take with you in case of departures or short trips outside the city.

The Indispensable

Those who just can not give up are certainly, given the season, those regarding skincare, haircare and bodycare. Ideal Kit The Body Shop Moringa to but available in many other variants with sponge, body butter, hand cream and shower gel, all in a pretty clutch and with minimal space occupied. As for the Tuscan Biofficina hair comes in handy with 3 products 50ml kit each comprising: Balsamo Active Concentrate, Gentle Shampoo and Detergent Delicate thousand uses. Skincare with Cattier proposes that a cosmetic bag anti – perfect for traveling with age: Cleansing Milk, Whey and pink clay mask and aloe vera; it unless you want to take it on vacation as 40ml are excessive is also available in single-dose version 12,5ml. Caudalie also offers its own travel kit with four minisize: Vinosource Cream Sorbet, Huile Divine for the body, hair and face, G and Shower Tea Latte delle Vigne and gentle makeup remover . One of the most complete kits.

Save space

When it comes to holiday the primary goal is to save much space as possible by optimizing what you should bring. The travel kit is what we also want to make a day trip out of town or short weekend at the beach as the Set Shaka In-Shower with sponge, Shower Gel and Body Lotion. Still minisize of BIOPOINT including: Balsamo Instant Bi-Phase in a convenient spray bottle, Ecologique Forte Hairspray, Hair Mask 5 shares, and Shampoo Repair and Beauty .

Sephora also has proposed engaging, and practical solutions for travelers, in the Beauty Store you can find the products of Beauty to go online, even special minisize of the most prestigious and famous brands to take on holiday as the mascara They’re Real Benefit or the set Scrub and body Mask express facial and body equipped with facial moisturizer all in less than 300ml. saving solution are certainly Sephora capsules inside the bubble bath, super colorful and comfortable.

Hygiene in minisize

Also the hygiene is not to be omitted, then also a good toothpaste minisize suits as Lavadentiof LUSH (check Collistar has just designed the sets ideal for skincare and complete water micellar cleanser, exfoliating shower cream and moisturizer, a versatile kit 360 ° such as Clarins with 7 products with clutch and includes a gloss. Sensitive skin? No problem for you there is a travel kit called Box of Beauty for Sensitive Skin SVR containing: Hydraliane Creme Légère 40 ml: dedicated to normal and combination skin, Physiopure Micellar Water , in 75 ml pocket size: A water pure crystalline enriched micelles cleaners and delicate surface, which effectively eliminates impurities and removes smog and waterproof makeup, even the most resistant, and is on sale in the best pharmacies 17.90 € Price.