Makeup for Red Dress

Makeup for a red dress. Red dresses are elegant and beautiful to use in any kind of events. Red is a color intense, full of personality and very flattering. It is a passionate and vibrant, ideal color for different celebrations or festivals.

With a red dress we will succeed in highlighting all our femininity and sensuality, achieving thus show our most elegant and seductive side. Believe it or not, a red dress speaks for itself; does not require an intense makeup and not large additions, because the star of her look is the color.

If this guest at an event or important party and will use a red dress or a beautiful red cocktail suit, then I suggest that you wager by the following makeup:


Especially will focus attention on the lips red bars, leaving the face and eyes with a nude, toned appearance lands and beige. Eye, do not exaggerate her makeup and not try to show an artificial image.

Face: begin your makeup leaving skin bright and nude. For that, I recommend that you first use the pre-basic Luz Magique, then the base makeup Luz Magique. Especially the Foundation must be of the same touch your skin. Then apply to the apples of your cheeks a slight blush; It would be much better to use pink as the 115 Accord perfect Blush Rouge.

Eyes: for your eyes you are advised to use foolproof Color 16 Coconut shake, this shadow must be applied by all the eyelid, lacrimal, mobile and delineate the product the bottom of your eyelashes using a fine brush, that way will succeed in giving their eyes greater breadth and light. So that it shows a more feline and sensual look, you have to make a very fine delineated using eyeliner Superliner and end it in a slight corner. To finish your eye makeup, you have to use three layers of mascara False Lash Extensions.

Lips: most appropriate for the lips is red, since this area is the most outstanding and fill color to the look. It is recommended to paint the lips of red, because it combines better with the red dress. But, if the dress you are using is red valentino use the lip Rouge Caresse 401 Rebel network; also use the 664 Cherry lip contour pencil, with which you will be able to draw and sculpt a sexy line near her lips, that way your lips will be more elegant and captivating.

Nails: to give a finishing touch to your look I recommend that you paint your nails, so use the nail polish Color Riche Le Vernis 408 Exquisite Scarlet and always opt for the Scarlet red color, with that your nails will highlight on your complexion. In addition, it will look hands cared and complemented with the rest of your look.