Makeup for Prom

Like any party, graduation, requires a special care with the makeup. We have to be careful with the durability and the harmonious composition of the outfit, because the look will be registered in photos forever.

Makeup for Prom

According to, the tendency of the makeup of graduation are bronze tones and “gum” (vibrant, op), in variations of pink, blue, green and turquoise. Are modern colors that match various skin tones and with the age of the girls who are graduating.

The most important thing to compose the look, who haven’t had much practice with makeup, is making choices that match the personality.

First the skin preparation is essential for it to last. Net basis for girls with oily skin and compact hand cream with dry skin, followed by loose powder or compact for fixing the products that will be used to follow, in addition to provide hydration and uniformity of the colour of their skin. The base must be applied in updrafts, respecting the musculature of the face, and dust with a brush, to make it more natural.

Now take care of the eyes, the black pencil is sophisticated and suited for the night and covers the entire mobile eyelid-Eyelash root until the eye fold – first in a shadow powder and, later, in a creamy shade on top, giving an effect vinyl with a slight glow.

To give a more contemporary touch, a blue pencil on the outside of the lower eyelid breaks the heavy black effect, light look and playfulness to the look. Then the black pencil inside the same eyelid and the black mascara on the eyelashes enhance even more eyes. Finally, a blush and a lipstick bronze color of mouth to finish.

The colors of makeup may or may not match the dress may be in lighter shades or darker just depends on individual tastes.