Makeup for Beginners: Walkthrough, Tips to Rock, Make Up

Not everyone has practice with makeup brushes, shadows, bases, gloss … what for many people is part of the routine. There are girls that do not have the usual makeup and when face of an occasion that calls for a “make up”, are terrified even of a walkthrough.

That’s why we have prepared some foolproof tips for anyone who is new to makeup process, with simple steps and infallible. Check out:

Before you start you need to sanitize the skin. Remove any leftover from previous makeup (if any) and all the dirt. For that use water, SOAP for face and some cream remover that you prefer. It is worth remembering that the region of the face is very sensitive and should receive only specific products.

Done it is time to choose the colors of your makeup at To start is better not choose anything too strong. Opt for clear and natural-looking tones. Then it’s time to prepare your skin.

Apply a base to hide the imperfections and then finally use powder or blush. After all the little spots and Tan are hidden to the eye.

Start to put the Shadow on the eyelid from the outside line of the eye to the inner region. So that all the mobile eyelid is completely covered, choose a lighter tone and apply on internal and external cônvados. Pass the external line black pencil to the inner region of the eyelashes.

To finish the eyes, pass a mascara of your preference. If you prefer to use an extra volume or color, abuse of creativity. Remove the excesses, make touch-ups and your eyes will be ready!

. Finally apply a gloss or lipstick of your choice. If the eyes are well marked, bet on a more natural mouth, otherwise, use more vibrant tones. Ready! Her makeup is complete!