Makes Your iPhone Messages a Little More Private [TIP]

If you are tired of that all around you can read with, when you receive an sms on your iPhone, so read on here-how to avoid to show the content of new SMS messages.

There are many who have an iPhone, and therefore there are probably too many who have received an sms, as not just wanted everyone around a should be able to read on. Here is a quick guide to how to remove the text from the message that there is a new message.

For good measure we’re talking here about texting and iMessage-that can get messages through numerous applications, e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp Messenger and other similar apps. Are you annoyed by them, into their respective settings.

Back to SMS. This Council will not get notification about a new sms to disappear, but instead of writing the text, where everyone can see it, there will in future be “1 new message”-in other words, if there is only one.

In order to move on to the slightly more discreet solution you must:

  1. Go into ‘Settings’.
  2. Locate and select the ‘Messages’.
  3. Locate and select the ‘messages’.
  4. Find function ‘Show examples’, and turn it so from.

After these four steps will your iPhone or iPad can no longer write the contents of your messages on the home screen when you receive them. And undo, it is of course the same way in and rectify.