Love, Live Purple!

The Trend Color Is Purple In The Fall. It Does Not Stop, Pants, Bags, Tops, Dresses, Even Before Socks. We Show You The Most Beautiful Parts Here In The Trend Colour. From Underwear Through Jewelry To Coats And Accessories, Everything Is: Simply Purple!

Purple is the color of vanity,extravagance and theexceptional. Often, the mixed color is associated with the magic in combination of red and blue. It is imaginative, original and above all a: fashionable.

Purple combines sensuality with the intellect, the mind with the love. The art nouveau style popularized the color purple with his aversion to all natural. Especially in combination with black, she is still the epitome of aestheticand the Geiheimnisvollen. So artists of this time painted pictures of Femmes like fatal against a purple background.

Purple in the seventies became the color of the women’s movementas mixed of gender (blue as the male color, red as female). Why it experiences a such boost in fashion popularity right now, and whether the newly discovered neo-feminist German literature has an influence on this trend, we reserve our own interpretation probably.

It is certain: purple is thetrend color of the coming autumn / winter season.Hardly a designer has not at least part of purple in his collection, hardly a store no model in the trend colour in his offer.

Purple in combination with broken colors look especially good, showed on RecipesintheBox. Gray, also a great trend theme of the season, is ideal and can be even more intense light purple accessories. Also in combination with black, purple unfolds its full power.