Looks with Leather Coat

Tips of combinations with leather jacket.

According to Directoryaah, leather jackets and coat are present in fashion for many years. Now they’re back with everything, winning thousands of fans and devotees to the style, which won’t let go of the piece. Whatever the model, the “leather jacket” is timeless and goes with many types of clothing and visuals, not only with the visual rocker, as many people still think.

This is a classical piece, it is worth investing, for surely you will use much now and even though she’s forgotten for a while, will return. If you already have your old model, take the opportunity to start the mount looks beautiful. You can use the leather jackets with many parts, especially with those we use in daily looks, like the jeans. Combine jeans, white blouse, jacket and a scarf, ready, your look is made.

To give a touch more cool and cheerful to visual, how about combining a colorful recess calling him Jacques strap with the basic look? A basic shirt and jeans with colorful leather jacket is beautiful and modern. Most coveted are the vivid colors red, blue and turquoise. The pastel shades are also super high, worth betting on yellow, baby blue, pink, coral and green water.

As we talked, “leather jacket” is not part of the only look of rockers, this piece can also fall nicely into a romantic look. For a visual right, bet on a floral dress with tights, scarf and jacket. If you are in a half season, remove the socks and scarf. To leave the production even more delicate, invest in heel peep toes.