Looking For a Cheap LED Flashlight

Perhaps the indestructible sound and be a little pretentious, but in view of the images and 119 views has, it seems that this seemingly harmless flashlight is all a wonder, because even the opinion criticized tilda it equally Robusta.

All buyers agree that is a flashlight that is far from the typical Chinese of similar prices, manufactured with materials of very good quality, with sections of rubber in the impact areas that support best hits and with a stream of light that strikes, having two operating modes as we need greater or lesser intensity. Looking for some I have seen that it is listed as IPX4, i.e., that supports projections of water as rain or similar without being submersible, although between the opinions we find any which ensures that dropped in containers with liquids and it has stood perfectly, something that certainly has nothing to do with scuba diving, but it gives us an idea of their quality and secrecy.

According to listofledlights, the stream of flashlight is powerful and reaches a distance that impresses. It brings a LED light so powerful that it is better not look it directly if you do not want to tear the eyes of rennet from the pain. Highly recommended for hikers and riding it and to have it at home for emergencies, if the cojes pointing upward light throughout a room as if there is a normal light to refract light with walls.

Operates on 3 AAA batteries (included) that provide an average duration of 40 hours, something that seems quite credible because many reviews praise the long duration of the same, in all ways always have the option to get an charger and a battery to make sure a good energy supply.

You can find it on Amazon Spain for only 16 euros, while in other places like Pixmania, AFM or MasFerreteria would be you for more than 22 euros.

The truth is that price which has and its benefits, is a flashlight very suitable for making a purchase multiple, at least in order to take one in the glove compartment of the car and the other to have at home if the light, will be so if you’re with her, I hope you stay as little equally no-frills @ what seem to be what their buyers.