Long Line-the Other Side

Long Line is a street line of VLCS that was very successful in the summer and continues with all the winter 2017 “THE OTHER SIDE”.

The prints of line Long Line seek to break patterns and get out the obvious. Skulls, camouflage and Tattoo style are present always with compositions full of attitude.

Another key point of the line, is modeling. The difference is the length, it has the same size of a common t-shirt, but is longer, let look more urban.

A trend of modeling is presented on 17185 reference cutting the bar is done diagonally.

The palette of colors chosen for the line Long Line THE OTHER SIDE is a little more sober and winter allowing large combinations of colors and styles, perfect to combine with jeans, sneakers and ball Cap.

Another highlight of the collection is the 17181 model which is a strech sweat with hood and short sleeve. Bringing an irreverent air and underground to the visual.

The Sweatshirt Long Line is amazing and just combine them with jeans and the look is full of attitude!

The Sweatshirt is reinforced and better finishing VLCS. The sweatshirts are divided into three models:Closed Hood, bald and Coatigan Hood.

The Coatigan is a differentiated piece, a kind of coat but without zipper and with extensive modeling, is amazing and falls very well in the body.

Long sleeve Long Line was developed thinking exactly who has style! The superimposition of parts gave a urban air and stripped the look and the arm sleeve continues with all the winter 2017!

If you have style and attitude, the Long Line is the right shirt for you! Invest in stripped accessories and create a modern and urban look.