Lg V20 As the First Smart Phone with Android Nougat

LG itself has recently announced the launch of the V20, the first smart phone on the market,equipped directly with Android 7 nougat. At first glance, this was a quite courageous project, because some announcements of this kind were already rejected shortly before the goal. But now it seems to be true. Google hochselbst has confirmed that LG is to form the vanguard of the nougat devices.

Pleasant Producer, Gladly Again

LG has worked closely with Google to bring two successful Nexus models to the market. This cooperation was probably so productive that the connection between the two companies was never completely demolished. On the official website for Android 7 Nougat is officially announced at the end of the page that the LG V20 is the first smart phone with Android Nougat to be released. LG plans the public presentation for September 6th. LG has nothing to do with the current Nexus devices, but may still make the beginning when it comes to the new Android version.

Nexus smartphones in October

Since this is now officially confirmed, we can probably bury all hope to see the new Nexus devices before mid-September. According to Electronicsmatter, HTC will probably need a few weeks longer, until the smart phones are pre-executable. However, this only confirms the rumors that a large presentation of the Nexus smart phones should give it only in early October. Then we will see how successful the second exclusive year runs between HTC and Google.

Main Google, Immediately

The fact that LG is so early with Android nougat, is also a sign of how much the manufacturers have a free hand when it comes to the design of user interfaces. Google itself is only important that all Google apps and features are present as much as possible and that the operating system is definitely a Google product.

On Monday, Google presented its new Android version of Nougat and focused on security and performance. With the LG V20, we will see first what this means in practice.