LG Teaser for V10 with Two Screens Prior to the Event

South Korean LG teaser of a video for the upcoming LG V10, which is equipped with a special extra screen on top of the normal screen.

LG’s event Tuesday, 6. October is approaching fast approaching where the smart phone called LG V10 is expected to be presented. So far it has only been leaked images that have shown progress, but now the phone is LG even ready with a videoteaser on YouTube prior to the event in a week.

In the only 15 seconds long video can LG V10 faintly discerned, where in a brief moment is seen from the front with front camera and light sensor next to the secondary monitor. On the screen it says “coming soon” followed by the time “11 AM”.

LG invited for the event, both in New York and Seol, and it is therefore unsafe to say something about what time actually is talking about. If it is 11 AM in New York, it will say the Bell 17:00 Danish time. On the other hand, in South Korea, it will be already the Bell 04:00 at night.

Below, you can see the teaser from LG and maybe come up with a guess at what slogannet “Be You” means in relation to this special toskærmede smartphone.