LG Optimus L3 in the Test

The Optimus L3 makes compromising the equipment though, shines in the test but with quality housing and a strong battery.

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Also in a Smartphone world of superlatives, there is a simple, frugal life far from retina display, multi core processors and high-definition cameras of the Super. In this world of modest claims distinguishes itself called the cheap LG Optimus L3, also E400, and occupies a prominent position.

That a Smartphone with a price of 129 euros corresponds to a five-course gourmet menu, should surprise no one. It is noteworthy that the LG Optimus L3 but takes the butter the bread some renowned competitors in the overall rating despite low price.

Facilities: Reduced equipment

However, the LG Optimus L3 is not a phone for users who intensively in the Internet surfing, long videos or navigate through the streets however that everything with patience and good will is possible.

Rather, it is a Smartphone for people who read their mail on mobile, check the departure times of the railway, or once in a while to take a look at world events and the latest news from the social networks. Users so that consume mainly information and produce less.

Because, for example, that takes upload photos to an online portal via the mobile network what, because the Upload Accelerator LG Optimus L3 lacks HSUPA for fast data transmission via UMTS. LTE, NFC, or HDMI are not an issue in this price class. Also the mandatory in camera is equipped with a relatively small 3-megapixel lens. The photo quality is decent for fun images, shooting in the dark are not possible due to the missing photo LED. And also video telephony fails, since no front camera on board.

But as I said: we are here in the entry-level for 129 euros. Accordingly, also the display of the LG Optimus L3 Compact 3.2 inch with a somewhat coarse, but quite practical for easy claims resolution of 240 x 320 rather simply fails to pixels.

The contrast is tepid, Fray writings and pixel structures are visible. Constraint related: many more demanding apps from the Google play store, such blockbuster hits as need for speed or Spiderman, are the Optimus L3 not available because they require a higher display resolution.

Operation: Intermediate display

For this, the pace of work of the LG Optimus L3 is positive: scrolling works very well in the menu, apps start quite quickly – the 800-megahertz single-core processor does its work confidently. Also you are extensible almost 1 gigabyte of internal memory for this price class quite lush and on top of that with micro-SD cards.

Android is installed in version 2.3 aka gingerbread. On up to five home screens, favorite apps, links, can be freely placed contacts or widgets.

The basic structure is very easy, even beginners find their way after a few minutes.

Good processing: for the price range

Also top: For a so cheap Smartphone, the L3 is surprisingly well processed. The plastic housing hardly creaks, does not Squeak, and has no moving parts.

All components of the LG Optimus L3 are clean co-ordinated and firmly connected. The structured back makes her a lot visually. Behind it are the removable battery and SIM and memory card slot.

Laboratory tests: Superior battery life

The battery itself causes a stir but: with a term of more than five hours in the typical mix of uses, the LG Optimus L3 is a real marathon runner and continuous out than about the Samsung Galaxy S2. In practice, the energy bar keeps through so good one and a half days. And thanks to decent radio properties and clear acoustics, the Optimus L3 in terms of telephony is very solid.

Bottom line: Cheap Smartphone entry

We recap: hardware equipment of the LG Optimus L3 succeeded the price correspondingly reduced, the overall performance but quite. A very good offer for simple requirements and competitive entry into the Smartphone or Android world.