LG Optimus G2 Could Also Use Its Powerful Snapdragon

We speak of the Snapdragon 800. And talk about a rumor, of course, so as always we will have to take all this information with tweezers. A series of benchmarks on a new phone from LG has uncovered since a few hours ago, the G2 Optimus, that could be the next ship company logo.

These benchmarks bring to light some interesting information. Among it the using a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, more specifically the MSM8974, so far the only 800 made official and comprising four cores Krait 400 could work to the 2.3 GHz., and which would be accompanied by a 330 Adreno GPU.

In addition to the processor, that it says will be chosen for X, Motorola Phone, also found evidence of Android 4.2.2, for now the latest version available, and one display FullHD as it is usual in most powerful phones in the market. The denomination LG G2 Optimus It could be commercial, though it seems that internally it is called le D801 in its development phase.

Today the Snapdragon 800 still has not been used by any terminal, although it is expected that both smartphones and on all tablets make use of it soon. In addition, if we consider that CPU Snapdragon 600 phones are already powerful of if (see HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4) what you should expect from the 800 could be spectacular.

What a surprise we have prepared LG? Will it be in the vicinity of the Google I/o do so when official?