LG G Watch R Compatible with iOS

These are the two new wearables devices that LG will present next Sunday and will be compatible with iOS

LG is preparing for the introduction of two new wearables devices Sunday, which his next smart watch, the G Watch are added together. And it seems that the company has taken seriously this market wearables and unhappy devices with the introduction of such a promising smartwatch as the G Watch, LG also will try with the introduction of two new devices monitorazión increasingly focus on our health.

Wearables focused on the monitoring of different aspects of our health is a way that many companies are beginning to explore waiting for Apple present its iWatch and incredible rumored features that will in this regard. The Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones are two wearables LG watches precisely going to be focused on InsideWatch.

On the one hand, the LG Lifeband Touch is a bracelet with a 0.9-inch OLED screen that automatically turn on when the user place it on the wrist. It will be available in 3 different sizes because it will not be adjustable within a 90 mAh battery, more than enough for a use of 5 days.

This device allows the user to take a comprehensive physical activity control and monitor their movements and progress thanks to 3-axis accelerometerincorporating inside. It also includes an altimeter, which will surely be very useful for those users who do sport high mountain.

The LG Heart Rate Earphones measured signals bloodstream through our ears

On the other hand, we find headphones dubbed LG Heart Rate Eartphone s. As its name suggests, they will be able to measure signals bloodstream through our ears, through the use of technology PerformTek. What nobody does this sound with a rumor that appeared recently?

The device may be used individually connected to the iPhone or synchronized with the Lifeband Touch. Thus, the data obtained will be sent via Bluetooth between different devices. Finally, it is expected that both devices are available on Sunday May 18 and will be compatible with the LG Fitness application of the company.