Led in Frankfurt: Light in Building

Light + building: an absolute highlight in Frankfurt! At the light + building event, many buildings and historic buildings of the city of Frankfurt, in the right light are moved each year. The light + building fair is one of the largest events in the area of lighting and lighting installations. Lights are used for the design of the individual light artworks increasingly LED, to reach a particular variety in the choice of colors and at the same time as little as possible to consume energy.

Next light + building take place in 2012 in Frankfurt. LEDs for interior lighting, building technology, etc. are presented in addition to LED outdoor lighting at http://www.listofledlights.com/.

Just for the large-area installations much costs can be saved through the use of energy-saving and long-life LED technology. In the age of climate change, also environmental aspects should be considered always. LEDs are much more environmentally friendly than conventional lighting systems or energy-saving lamps and can be installed so no bad conscience in large numbers. Because: Toxic mercury does modern LED the technology used and other polluting substances are not used lighting like phenol led.

Many lighting designers of the Frankfurt light + building the LED have gone because of the numerous advantages technology at their installations already and many more artists will probably soon follow the example. It may be interesting when the first light + building will take place, fully realized with LED technology.

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