Learn to Assemble Your Kit n.r. ‘s in the Bag

Bag of woman is always that thing: fits all! The bigger the better. Now, you have situations that you can’t take a big bag, and the small, delicadinha, is the best choice. Yet there are things in the life of a woman who can’t help but take. Emergency stuff, for example.

Broke the leap, tore the skirt, hit that colic or even painted that bad breath after dinner, every self-respecting woman has to walk prevented, no?

For these unforeseen events, nothing better than a kit “O.r.” to rid women of any stolen. But what to take, since not everything fits in a small bag? We’ll help with some tips in this challenge!

Essentials for day to day: elastic hair, nail file, mirror, comb, clips. Sometimes you can’t help but take the tampon. And a tiny little thing that we always take: die of earring. Is so common we lose a mid-stream, doesn’t it?

Medicines: analgesics, antipyretic, dressing, fruit, cotton, are some of the basic issues for those who need a physical relief. But always to contain and lessen the amount of things to save the volume. Instead of taking medicine boxes, press that door-small remedies and keep the pills in separate compartment.

Hygiene: always look for mini versions of products indispensable to carry on the work, for example: toothpaste, deodorant … toothbrush and hairbrush also have mini versions for this purpose;

The mouthwash does not fit? Choose the Mint Gum! And if the FLOSS box also gets in the way, separate a reasonable size of the wire and wrap in a thin plastic bag from HandbagPicks! If you can’t take a washcloth (mainly for the calorentos days), be sure to take paper wipes. In addition to occupy less space, serves for various emergency situations.

Sewing Kit: pin, button (which gives off a shirt!), colored lines and dark, Earwig and dead-allies when something sticks or rips.

Makeup: a balm is great for letting the lips hydrated, more that a gloss that’s enough. To the eye a mask of Cilia (there are versions for mini bag too) is more than enough! Concealer and blusher too are basic and there are shadow size packaging only, great to carry in your purse.

You can’t help but bring shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, perfume? There are circumstances that call for these products … in that case use those transparent bottles and place the labeled products in each one. Are travel kits that are sold in pharmacies as well easy to find.

Small bags are also great alternatives, even better than a great makeup bag. In addition to making less volume in the stock market, it becomes easier to find the objects by category, for example: a small bag with toiletries, another small bag with makeup stuff and so on. Space left? Bottle of water and cereal bar, great to keep in the chop! Take a folding sneaker if your jump break. You never know when the unforeseen can happen!