Latest Fashion Tips for Ladies

If you expected a 2016 fashion irreverent as we have seen in recent years, can come later. This will be the most conservative and traditional fashion period ever seen. There is a post modernism abandonment in fashion and a strong tendency to return to the classics for inspiration in the high couture of the last century and the traditional and minimalist walking quite at hand. You can drop a little extravagance and stay with the traditional.

Fashion Tips 2016 for the Use of Jeans

After the strong wave of colored jeans, one of the biggest bets among the 2016 fashion tips is the traditional jeans wash. Blue jeans 70s style back with everything in at least five shows last fashion week. The focus on traditional washing is so strong that the giant TNG launched an entire collection based on the past with luxury and modern cuts.

But if you do not support using the same things every year, you have parts to modernize too. Waiting for the winter fashion 2016 is a shelf full of jackets safaris, animal prints slightly larger than traditional jackets featured on Elaineqho, a middle ground between jackets and overcoats. Pleasing enough and are pure charm. And as the glow back with all the jeans with stones sparkles for a bright entrance at parties is a new piece must have. Already have part in the windows of the big brands.

Denim skirt is also cool and back with everything. Speaking in traditional jeans, we have some twists: the Macaquito or jumpsuit shorts and traditional folk piece in the 90s that back in jeans or light fabric like cotton. The high waist denim skirt also around the scene thinking in a visual clean for the heavy winter of next year. The average waist high is the new darling of the time, good for the girls because it does not break the belly and still marks the Barbie style waist.

Transparency in 2016 Fashion Tips

Do not know which piece to take to compose a new wardrobe for next year?

Stay with transparency, they come back with everything. It is income finest fabrics and show the shoulders, arms or just lap. Fully transparent parts for use with top or bra worked well are more suitable for the night, and it is worth investing in two or three.

Transparent lace with overlap is the new darling of time for the summer. They are t-shirts to show even the skin and is worth using with another under or just a top and make the summer look. Should bombar at the turn to the carnival. Stay with the most discreet colors thinking of something more basic same, timeless.

Prints and Colors in 2016 Fashion Tips

I can not talk about summer fashion in 2016 not to mention floral, but stay with the most closed.

Two or three colors in their pattern of flowers in not very bright colors, valuing sobriety is your bet according to the fashionistas. Dresses and macaquitos or must have the station parts: the conjuntinhos. Flowers may be tropical. The fashion ethnic prints walking a little off the agenda for now.

If you enjoy blue and white, be sure to invest in fashion navy, pattern with nautical theme in stripes or ship elements. Some brands have launched a collection inspired summer and the blue and white stripes for them and they or red and white are well cherished in the middle and bet celebrities and designers in some countries. Here is a weak fashion trend in 2016, but worth it if you have some pieces stored in the closet.

Makeup Between Fashion Tips 2016

Do you enjoy lipstick?

So can not fail to opt for liquid lipstick, new fever of makeups 2016. It is gloss not really lipstick with some advantages like leaving the lips more volume, increase the power of hydration and are even legal for refinishing. If you have dry lips, be sure to use.

Metallic shades and glaze with the same hue is the agenda nail 2016. Keep the colors closed, such as blue and green. The metallic blue nail is one of the strong fashion tips 2016, especially the navy. The decor, the fewer details and best style for the coming months. Nails with feathers and caviar nails leave the scene a bit.

Leaving some natural makeup aside, how about trying colors? The red lipsticks, pink pink and medium pink are the darlings of the time. There are products on Who said Berenice? Giant Mac and the popular Avon recently launched in the colors of summer and migrating for the winter. Eyes more striking colors and are also as tip for the fashion winter 2016.